Used Car Sales in Lynn

Buying a used car can be a nerve racking experience. So when people living in Lynn and towns and cities on Boston’s north shore are looking for an alternative used car buying experience, they come to Olympic Auto Body and Sales. That’s because Arthur and Irene Stefanidis have built their business on loyalty and trust – qualities not often found in your typical used car salesman. Arthur will listen to your requirements and do his best to match them with the right car for you. He will never sell you something you don’t want or need. You can count on it.

Buying The Highest Quality Used Car

Olympic Auto Body and Sales is committed to offering only the highest quality pre-owned vehicles for the best price. Every vehicle sold at their Lynn, Massachusetts shop has been thoroughly inspected and meets their rigorous standards for safety and dependability. If you’re ready for a different car buying experience, come to Olympic Auto Body and Sales and see for yourself.


Other Services

Was your vehicle involved in an accident and was deemed a Total Loss and you are in need of a replacement? Are you looking for a reliable used vehicle for your teenager? We have been helping customers get into reliable used vehicles since 1991 and can do the same for you. Just give us a call and let us know what type of vehicle you are looking for and what your budget is and we will do our best to find a vehicle within your budget! See what used cars are available right now

Are you looking to get an Alarm/Remote Starter or just a Remote Starter installed in your vehicle, add a vehicle tracking device, get your audio system upgraded, add a Navigation system, retrofit your existing Halogen Headlights to an HID system, add back-up parking distance sensors, add Bluetooth or Sirius XM and many more, please give us a call for a price and an appointment.

We use Fleming’s Towing for all our towing needs. If you are in need of a tow and it is after our business hours, please give them a call at (781) 593-2630 and let them know you want them to bring it to our lot. If you have AAA and prefer to use them, you can give them our address and let them know the same.

Are you looking for some Custom Air Brushing/Graphics? Well you are in luck because after years of researching for a great air brushing specialist we have found one that we have been working with since 2004 and have absolutely no problem referring him. We coordinate with him and get all graphic work done in our location for a smoother transition.

Did your vehicle go through a Hail Storm or you have some parking lot dings that you would like to get removed without having to do bodywork or painting? Bring your vehicle by for us to inspect and let you know if they can be removed by our trusted Dent Removal Company.
If your vehicle was involved in an auto accident, we can arrange for a rental to be brought to you if needed or have one scheduled to be at our location at the time you are dropping off your vehicle for repairs. If substitute transportation is available on your policy or if the accident was not your fault and you have the other parties info, we can help with calling the Insurance Company and setting it up to be paid directly to the Rental Company. If there is no coverage and you still would like to get into a rental, we can assist you the same and get you the best price available.

Highway driving is more common than ever currently and that is where most rock chips happen to the front end of your vehicle. A great solution to that is a clear plastic film that gets applied to the front end, which protects the paint from chipping and it is hardly noticeable. If you are interested in a price, just give us a call and we can and we can assist you with that.

Is your windshield cracked or full of rock chips? Are you in need of a new one? We can send our trusted Glass Company that we use to your location for the repair or if it is part of the accident, we can have them replace it at our location.

If your vehicle was involved in an accident and as a result it is pulling to the right or left, we will get it aligned following the repairs and correct the issue with one of our trusted alignment repair facilities.

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