Repairs Pocess

How do I know which repair shop to use?

At Olympic Auto Body & Sales we know that your car is the second largest investment you are likely to make. To protect its value, you want to be sure your selected auto collision shop has the required licenses to operate in Massachusetts and uses certified technicians (like the I-CAR trained staff we have at Olympic Auto Body & Sales). The technology on site should include computerized uni-body straightening equipment, a factory approved/accepted paint mixing system, and a down draft spray/bake Booth, to insure a pre-accident factory like finish.

How long do repairs take?

A minor accident/repair could take 2-5 days to complete, providing all parts needed are available and there are no hiding damages that need further parts or Insurance approval. A major accident/repair could take 2-4 weeks to complete, providing all parts needed are available. Rentals will be covered by your Insurance Company, as long as coverage is available, for the amount of days needed to repair your vehicle.

Can I drive my damaged car?

A damaged vehicle could be unsafe to drive. We recommend having your vehicle assessed by one of our trained technicians, to insure your safety and determine if it is safe to drive until a scheduled appointment.

Will you be using original parts to repair my car?

We request initially that insurance companies pay for manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts whenever possible. There are circumstances when quality recycled or replacement parts are warranted due to the age and mileage of the vehicle.

How accurately do you match the paint color?

Our trained technicians together with the Industry leading SIKKENS Color Matching System and state-of-the-art Color Corrective Camera System will insure a great color match to your vehicle’s repairs.

Can I wash my car, and how soon after the repair?

Initially, we recommend you wash your vehicle in the shade by hand with clean, cool water and a very mild car wash solution using soft clothe or sponge.

We suggest during THE FIRST 30 DAYS after a repair:

  • AVOID using a commercial car wash, as they often have stiff brushes or sponges which could mark the finish and damage the surface.
  • AVOID dry wiping your vehicle, as you could scratch the finish.
  • AVOID driving on gravel roads, to prevent chipping of the finish.
  • AVOID parking under trees and utility lines, or other places likely to attract birds. The high acid content of bird droppings and tree sap can damage a freshly painted surface and tree.
  • AVOID spilling gasoline, oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, or windshield solvent on the new finish.
  • AVOID scraping ice or snow from the newly painted surface.

We suggest during THE FIRST 90 DAYS after a repair:

  • AVOID waxing or polishing the vehicle so the vehicle has three months first to allow the finish to dry and harden completely.

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