Auto Body Services in Lynn

We use State-of-the-Art Equipment in our Lynn, MA shop

We are often asked how it’s possible that cars look better when they come out of our shop than they did when they were new. The answer? Years of experience applied to the latest technology. Below are just some examples of the state-of-the-art equipment we use.

State-of-the-Art Frame Machine

Our ultra-modern frame machine incorporates some of the most sophisticated features in the industry today. We are now able to achieve levels of precision not possible before. And our customers can see the difference.

Frame Machine Features

  • Unique interchangeable drive-on ramps for safer loading and unloading
  • Two wheel chocks prevent forward/backward movement
  • 12,000 lbs.  lift capacity
  • The unique design lets us gang three towers together for faster, more accurate repair
  • Dual acting hydraulics gives us more push/pull precision and gives our shop the versatility to take on any job
  • Anchoring with single bolt clamp design is compatible with special adapters, including FAST, Honda and Corvette
  • Tall towers and adjustable collars position easily to place pulls exactly where you need them
  • Trademark telescoping tower heads
  • 10 tons of pulling power at the hook – front and back
  • True 360 degree pulling capacity
  • Patent-pending Sure-Lock mechanism pins and secures towers with one easy movement for added speed, accuracy and safety
  • Tower roller bearings raise off the channel surface and bear no weight during pulls for years of maintenance-free operation
  • Wide 88 inch deck is perfect for trucks, SUVs and full-frame vehicles
  • Universal Anchoring System with 8 working heights adjusts to most vehicles for four-point positioning
  • Unique deck design for down pulls wherever you need them
  • 218 steel reinforced tie-down openings (including cross members), for virtually unlimited holding
  • Central hydraulic pump allows all pushes and pulls to be controlled individually or simultaneously to gently push/pull out the damaged metal for the fastest, most accurate repair possible
  • Perfect 31-inch working height makes repair work easy
  • Hand-held control lets you position yourself around the vehicle for peak visibility and operator safety. One push of a button lets you control all of the towers or raise and lower the machine
  • Two movable cross members give added versatility
  • Valve on each tower allows you to operate towers separately or simultaneously

State-of-the-Art LaserLock™ Body Scanner

LaserLock™ Body ScannerLaser Accuracy
LaserLock™ measures more reference points than any other system, and measures all frame types including full-frame and uni-body.

Consistent Accuracy
LaserLock™ is the only computerized measuring system that can accurately measure engine cradles, cowl hits and A, B or C pillars. LaserLock is also the only system on the market that can measure both struts at the same time.

Out of Level Measuring
New LaserLock™ scanner leveling technology allows the system to be moved from a 2 post lift for blueprinting to a frame rack for structural repair in minutes without complicated set up.

Simultaneous Measuring
LaserLock™ can measure the entire vehicle at the same time, allowing you to repair vehicles with diamond or twist damage, as well as frames with both front and rear damage.

Continuous Measuring
LaserLock™ can be left in place during repairs to monitor dimensional changes AS THEY OCCUR for faster, higher-quality repairs. No need to recalibrate after every pull.

High-Tech Targets
LaserLock™’s targets use the same technology as UPC scanners found in grocery stores, eliminating any distortion and delivering deadly accurate measurements each time, every time.

State-of-the-Art Measuring System

All targets and attachments included, and organized for convenient and fast set-ups